Upperton Gardens

Living Room (25m2)

The ceiling of the living room had dropped at several corners and to repair this without using a suspended ceiling we removed the original lathe and plaster ceiling, we then levelled the joists and used plasterboard to recreate the ceiling. This was then skimmed and new coving was fitted.

A built-in wardrobe, in the corner of the room, was removed and the picture rail was extended to match the original.

All electrical sockets were replaced, with three new sockets being added, and were sunk into the wall to make the faceplates flush with the wall. This included the light switches and telephone extensions.

A new, double radiator was fitted as the original was not of sufficient size to heat the room. All pipe work for the central heating was laid under the floor so that the majority of the pipes would not be visible.

The existing floorboards had to be levelled before a new solid oak floor could be installed.

The original skirting board was removed, fully repaired and then replaced prior to being painted.

The entire room was painted paying special attention to the cutting in around the coving and picture rail, as each section had a different colour that was chosen by the client.

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Master Bedroom (25m2)

As with the living room the ceiling had dropped in the corners of the room but in the master bedroom we used a suspended ceiling comprised metal trunking and plasterboard which allowed us to hang a new ceiling without losing much height from the room.

Also similar to the living room a built-in wardrobe was removed, the floor was levelled and new electrical fittings were installed.

The master bedroom originally had two radiators, these were replaced with a single larger radiator which provided the same amount of heat whilst using less space than the two separate radiators.

Second Bedroom

The ceiling was carefully repaired and partly re-plastered. Once the repairs had been completed the room was painted as per the clients chosen colour scheme.

Again a new double radiator was installed to replace a smaller inefficient one.


All four pine doors leading to the rooms were repaired before being stained and varnished. Each doors' furniture was replaced with new brass handles, locks and hinges.

The ceiling and walls were prepared and painted in two coats of emulsion and the woodwork was glossed. A new oak floor was laid, leading into the living room and bedrooms.


The bathroom ceiling was skimmed and painted.

The existing tiling was extended to encompass the entire bathroom using a light brown mosaic tile that was chosen by the client to create a two tone effect.

A new floor to ceiling towel rail was fitted and all the woodwork was rubbed down and glossed.

Five glass highlights, looking on to the corridor, were replaced and the woodwork was prepared and glossed.


Again the ceiling was levelled, repaired, plastered and painted in beige. The windows were prepared and painted in gloss. All the wallpaper was removed and new wallpaper was hung and painted in a light green colour, as per the clients' specification.

The old kitchen units were removed and an extensive and fully fitted kitchen with all appliances was installed. The position of all the integrated units was discussed at length with the client to maximise usability.

The floor was tiled with a matching coloured tile to the rest of the room.


The ceiling in the lobby required levelling and plastering to the drop of the existing coving which the client wished to keep and finally painted.

All joinery and walls were painted and the radiator was replaced.

An external light was fitted to the entrance door activated from the lobby.