Property Cover

Our property cover provides you with a flexible way to protect and maintain your property. Whether you want to cover your home or business property we can arrange the cover to suit your needs.

For as little as £4 per month you can cover call out fees, for any single job within normal working hours.

You can also choose to pay a higher monthly fee and include a number of prepaid hours of work each month or more call outs per year.

The number of hours or call outs to be included would be dependent on the actual fee paid.

All levels of cover include:

  • Free estimates on all works that you may wish to undertake.
  • Free daytime telephone consultation on any property matters.
  • Free yearly property health check to advise on any pending work identified.
  • Invoices can be supplied for any work undertaken for business or insurance claims.

Below are the types of property cover that we provide:

Call-out Cover (£48 per annum)

For £4 per month, equivalent to less than 15p per day, you will be entitled to call us for any one job per year, within normal working hours (Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm), without being charged a call-out fee. This will include one hour free labour and up to £10 of worth of materials.

If we undertake any work at your property that lasts more than 3 hours this negates the call-out charge and your pre-paid call-out would be banked for future use.

This level of cover is designed for non-emergency work that do not require rapid response times and can be scheduled within our working week, usually the same working day.

24/7 Emergency Call-out (£300 per annum)

For £25 per month this cover entitles you to one emergency call-out per year, this is a 24/7 service including up to 2 hours of labour and up to £50 of materials. Emergency work is designed to remove any immediate problem but additional work may be required to complete the repair.

We promise to have someone at your property within an hour of your call to fix any emergency situation.

e.g. If you have a burst pipe, we will stop the leak so that no further damage to your property occurs but would replace the pipe within our normal working hours, as soon as possible.

Plus one standard call-out per year, as above, which could be used to reduce the cost of completing the repair.

The emergency call-out cover works out to around 80p per day and you will have the peace of mind that your property is protected at all times.