Recent Incidents

December 2010

We attended a bungalow after the neighbour contacted us in relation to a water pipe leaking into the conservatory of their adjoining property, the owner being away on holiday.

The cold weather had caused the pipe to burst.

We fixed the pipe and cleared up the resulting mess. As we were key holders, access to the property was gained immediately thus reducing extensive damage to both properties.

November 2010

Late Sunday afternoon during a heavy downpour we were contacted by a hotel in Eastbourne which had a large leak from the loft space. This was affecting several bedrooms and the corridor.

We arrived at the property within 5 minutes of the call as we had tradesmen working in the area at the time. We gained entry to the roof and found that a downpipe had been blocked which was preventing rain water to drain. The accumulated water was at a depth of about 50cm and rising in the valley caused by the 2 pitched roofs.

The problem was resolved by "rodding" the pipe to clear the blockage and this allowed the water to escape. This was done within 15 minutes of arriving at the property.

The damage that would have been caused if prompt action had not been taken could have amounted to many thousands of pounds, along with the lost profit from the rooms being out of use for weeks whilst they were dried out and refurbished.

This type of water ingress is not usually covered by insurance and as such the savings of being covered by our emergency call-out service is obvious.

October 2010

We received a call-out about the loss of power to several rooms in a domestic property and found that the trip switch could not be reset indicating an on-going problem.

Our electrician identified a faulty light fitting that was causing the problem. This was remedied by replacing several old light fittings and the electricity restored.